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European Council requested to stay focused on renewable goals

Berlin, 19.03.2015. According to Dr. Dörte Fouquet, the Director of EREF, Donald Tusk overstepped the balance and his role as President of the European Council by promoting shale gas and nuclear development while neglecting renewable energy and energy efficiency when discussing the Energy Union in today’s Council meeting.

Instead of supporting the good work of the European Commission concerning its framework strategy for an EU Energy Union, Tusk seems to intentionally undermine the Commission`s efforts “to make the EU the world number one in renewable energies”.

EREF’s President Savvas Seimanidis urges all members of the European Council to not get distracted by gas, nuclear and shale gas – related issues, which would only perpetuate the current energy system with all its problems and shortcomings. He notes that “Instead, we expect our decision-makers to be courageous and agree on bold measures to push renewables as the critical means for a stable, secure, affordable and democratic energy system for the European Union, a system which generates jobs and wealth and helps expanding and pacifying access to energy around the world”.

It is time to develop a phase out plan for the nuclear and coal sector in Europe, adds Vice President Rainer Hinrichs-Rahlwes. “Subsidies for nuclear and coal as well as envisaged high investments for the diversification of gas supplies should better be used for the necessary system transformation and to finance related profound infrastructure changes”.

For the European Union to meet its climate, social, and economic objectives and to become "the world number one in Renewables", European decision-makers need to develop three crucial dimensions:

1. A vivid domestic market, condition sine qua non for a world leadership; this includes an energy market design for high and eventually dominant shares of renewables in the EU energy mix. It also implies the full implementation of the legislation to meet the EU 2020 objectives.

2. An innovation strategy coupled with a robust industrial policy to maintain or regain Europe’s leading position.

3. Stronger support to export opportunities and provision of solutions for developing countries using the international 2015 momentum for renewable energy project implementation.

For more information on this matter, please contact:

Dr. Dörte Fouquet
EREF Director

Dirk Hendricks
EREF Senior Policy Advisor 

EREF is a federation of national renewable energy associations from EU Member States, such as wind, solar, small hydro, bio-energy, tidal, wave, and geothermal sources. EREF is striving to defend the interests of independent power, fuel and heat production from renewable sources and to promote non discriminatory access to the energy market.

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